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The State Museum of Prehistory Halle (Saale) is one of the most important archaeological museums in Central Europe. Its exhibitions are an extraordinary experience and convey the latest research in superb pictures and stories.

In addition to the famous Nebra Sky Disc, countless other objects of international importance captivate. Each piece occupies its special place in the cultural history of humankind and makes a visit to the museum a lively journey into our past.

Eleven thematic exhibition sections lead you through some 400,000 years of human history – from the beginning of the Stone Age to the Early Modern Times.

Absence of the shaman

The exhibition room of the ›shaman‹ of Bad Dürrenberg has been redesigned. The room is accessible again since 18 April 2024.

Film tour ›Museum exklusiv‹

In our film tour ›Museum exklusiv‹ with museum director Harald Meller, the basic concept of the permanent exhibition is the topic of the episodes (in German only):

400.000 Jahre Menschheitsgeschichte in Halle

Sortieren, Datieren, Präsentieren

Ästhetik und Wissen

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