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The Nebra Hoard

Two swords, two axes, one chisel, and two arm spirals were found together with the Sky Disc in the Nebra hoard. Since the Sky Disc itself has no parallels, a temporal and cultural classification of the find can only be made using the accompanying finds.

The swords are of exceptional quality. The hilts had two sides: a bronze front side decorated with copper inlays and a backing made of organic material. The blades are also inlayed with copper. The gold bands on the handles characterise them as ceremonial weapons.

The reconstruction of the find context is based on the results of the excavation on the Mittelberg and the statements of the finders. The latter also cleared away some of the large stones that had surrounded the hoard. No evidence of graves or settlement remains in the immediate vicinity came to light in the subsequent excavations.

It is therefore undoubtedly a hoard find. The Sky Disc was damaged during the recovery and subsequent improper cleaning: parts of the gold sheet were torn off, the surface was scratched, and a blow hit the edge of the disc. The latter shows that the disc was standing upright in the ground, with the boat below, the horizons on both sides. Only the missing horizon arc is likely to have been lost already in ancient times. The damage caused by the treasure hunters has since been largely removed: the missing star has been replaced and the circular gold disc has been completed.

Museum exklusiv

Here you can find the film from the »Museum exklusiv« series of the State Museum of Prehistory »Die Himmelsscheibe von Nebra: Die Begleitfunde«. (German version only).

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