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The Sky Paths tourist route connects sensational archaeological discoveries in Saxony-Anhalt. Five stations, at the centre of which is the Nebra Sky Disc, tell of the astronomy of our ancestors and archaeological traces of knowledge that are thousands of years old.

The stations are the State Museum of Prehistory in Halle (Saale), the Nebra Ark, the solar observatory at Goseck, the dolmen goddess near Langeneichstädt, and the ring sanctuary of Pömmelte.

You can find comprehensive information on the stations, their histories, and the local events at himmelswege.de.

The ring sanctuary of Pömmelte

More than 4000 years ago, the ring sanctuary of Pömmelte was built near the Elbe near today's Schönebeck, about 25 kilometres south of Magdeburg. For more than 250 years, at the end of the Neolithic period and until the transition to the Early Bronze Age, the monumental site was the ritual centre of the region, an important place of worship comparable in many respects to Stonehenge in England. The film ›The Ring Sanctuary of Pömmelte – Reconstruction of a Prehistoric Monument‹ (in German only) is dedicated to the research and reconstruction of this important sanctuary. It accompanies the scientists who have worked intensively on the sanctuary in recent years and conveys an impression of the fascinating resurrected ›German Stonehenge‹ in impressive images.

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