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The Tasks

The conservators at the State Museum of Prehistory look after the archaeological finds from the collection of the State Museum and the State Office of Heritage Management and Archaeology Saxony-Anhalt. They document objects that are recovered during archaeological excavations in detail, and analyse them both scientifically and historico-culturally. The subsequent conservation and restoration is intended to slow down or stop the degradation of material and ensure long-term preservation.

In the case of artefacts that are being prepared for exhibitions, the state of preservation is examined, they are documented and any old restorations are assessed and, if necessary, removed. The objects are then prepared for the exhibition with the help of conservation and restoration measures,and their state of preservation is constantly monitored during their lifetime.

In addition to the ongoing work, also special temporary projects are supervised. In the recent past, this included, for example, the investigation of an alchemist’s workshop from Wittenberg and a mass grave from the Battle of Lützen, which, after their thorough investigation and evaluation, could each be presented to the public in successful special exhibitions.

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